Baseus i-wok Screen Hanging Light Black

The Baseus i-wok Screen Hanging Light features a universal fit for most desktop computer screen displays with dimmable 3-mode LED and handy USB power supply. It is great for reading at night, working in the dark at your desk, and removing blue light eye strain.

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The Baseus i-wok Screen Hanging Light provides three light modes-white light, mixed-light, and warm light. It has a colour temperature range of 2900K-5000K. It is more comfortable and protects your eyes for more efficient work and study. It is easy to install by clipping the product on top of the computer screen. The clip range is 1-3cm. Any USB socket can power the LED task lamp, whether it's a computer, a mobile phone charger, or a mobile power source. This product adopts an asymmetric light path design, which only illuminates the desktop space, reduces screen reflection, and effectively protects the eyes.

Aluminum alloy+PC


1 review for Baseus i-wok Screen Hanging Light Black

  1. Vlad

    A quality monitor lamp. It feels like the engineers really put some though into it. The control knob’s tactile texture is very pleasant to touch. When you turn the lamp on and off, the light doesn’t just switch immediately – it has a short fade in/out time, which again, feels nice. Those are small details that make a good product feel great. The light is bright enough even for night time without any additional lights, but doesn’t impact the monitor picture. The adjustable light angle allows you to adjust the light relative to your eyes level, which is handy too. Overall the lamp and the knob feel solid and well made.

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