Segway Ninebot Password Locks

The Segway Ninebot Password Locks allows more than 10, 000 possibilities combination, much safer than other 4 Digit locks. It is easy to set and reset your combination.

From $39.95

The original Segway-Ninebot KickScooter password lock is made of strong braided steel. Because of this, the lock is flexible and resistant to cutting and sawing. The PVC coating helps to prevent damage from scratching on your electric scooter. The Segway password lock is self-coiling which makes it easy to use and store. Because of the mounting bracket, the lock can easily be mounted to the scooter. This password lock is compatible with all Segway-Ninebot Kickscooters and other models of electric scooters.

Net Weight
approx. 340g
Steel cable, PA, ABS and Zinc Alloy
Adaptive model
Ninebot KickScooters
Diameter * total length 
φ12 x 120cm
The adaptation range of the bracket seat

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