Viomi Robot Vacuum SE

Your First LDS Navigation Robotic Cleaners for Vacumming & Mopping

From $299.00

This model is characterised by high suction power and a navigation system. The vacuum cleaner sucks up dust at a power of 2200 Pa. The navigation system is optimised using artificial intelligence, which greatly improves the remembering of the vacuum cleaner's route. The device overcomes obstacles that are no higher than two centimeters. The battery capacity is 300 mAh, which is enough for cleaning about 200 square meters. Moreover, when the battery charge level approaches a critical one, the vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the place of charging and after replenishing the energy supply, it returns to the place where it finished working.


Product Name: Viomi SE

Weight: 4.4kg

Battery Capacity: 3200mAh

Dimensions: Ø350*94.5mm

Rated Power: 33W

Water Tank Capacity: 190ml


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