Vividstorm 120" S pro P floor Rising Screen Black Housing

The Vividstorm 120″ S pro P floor Rising Screen Black Housing is a projector screen for entertainment.

From $2,999.00

The screen with special optical sawtooth structure and the light-rejecting filter to give a stunning performance in high ambient light and bright daylight. The Ultrashort throw projector projects a picture from the bottom. because the Ultra-short throw ambient light rejecting screen material use a special optical serrated structure and a light suppression fitter. The picture projected by the projector projects directly onto the special light plate . It has no light reflection. It has removed foggy phenomenon, with a nearly perfect viewing cone of 170 degrees. This makes it perfect for commercial environments, large living and family rooms, and everything in between. The electric pop-up/floor rising projector screen is a collection of premium retractable electric screens that screen wrinkle free, full Tab-tensioned Design and extend upward from the floor. 

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