Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus (10M) Bundle

The Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip PLUS (10M) Bundle can be controlled with Mi Home, Google, and Alexa. Let the Light Dance with Music.

From $149.95

The Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip PLUS (10M) Bundle can vary flowing colors and sync with music.  It can be programmable to turn on/off and switch colors as you wish.  You can control remotely with the Mi Home app supporting from control anytime and anywhere.  AI-ready for hands-free control through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.  Flexible enough to be moulded to any object to create light in any shape you want.  One button control to conveniently change colours.  The Yeelight Colour Striplight extension enables you to alter the length to create the desired ambiance. The extendable strip allows you to create light in any shape you wish. It can be extendable from 1m up to 10 meters and can be conveniently cut to meet your desired length.

Product Model
Product Weight
Control Module
Rated Power
Power Factor
Wi-Fi Connection
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Supporting Platform
Android4.4 & iOS 8.0 and above
(10M) Bundle
Product Model
Product Weight
Rated Input
24V 0.088A
Rated Power
Power Factor


What is a Yeelight Strip?

Yeelight is a smart light can be connected to your digital assistant. The light can change according to the beats of your party music.

How I can charge Yeelight Strip?            

Yeelight Strip is powered by a power supply in 12V 1.0A

What’s is the benefit of Yeelight Strip?

Yeelight LED strips bring total adaptive lighting flexibility that support circadian rhythms and mood enhancement with adjustable shades of white, from 1700K warm white to 6500K daylight, and 1%-100% dimming control.

How to connect Yeelight to phone?

You can connect Yeelight to Mi Home App.

Can it connect to Amazon Alexa?           


Can it connect to Google Assistant?


Can it connect to Apple Homekit?          


How do I store Yeelight Strip?

When not in use, store the light away from heat, direct sunlight and water. Storing temperature from -10 to 40 degree Celsius.

Can I control light with multiple devices?

Yes, you can share access with family and friends.

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