5 E-Scooter Life Hacks

Here at Panmi, we have decided to come up with a list of hacks that will make your ride more comfortable and quicker. More experienced riders may already know these tricks but you would be surprised at how many people are unaware of these easy tricks. It’s important that you read the manual and ensure you follow the instructions when setting up your E-Scooter to ensure it can perform to the best of its ability.

While there are plenty of articles on the internet providing tips and tricks on how to modify your E-Scooter, we would advise against this for two reasons. Firstly, the location you live in has its own rules regarding the use of your E-Scooter. We would recommend obeying the local laws and minimising the risk of potentially receiving a fine. Secondly, it’s in the best interest of your own safety to not tamper with the internal mechanisms of your E-Scooter. You could put yourself at serious risk when going at a speed the scooter can’t handle or re-install something incorrectly and have your scooter break before you ride or worse yet, break whilst riding.

Now, onto the tips!

Tip No.1: Fully Charged Battery

The battery level of an E-Scooter plays an important role in the speed that it can go to. Generally, the voltage of the battery drops as its charge drops and this is directly linked in causing a reduction in performance. Most batteries will go into power-saving mode once they are near empty, this generally limits performance and reduces the maximum speed they can go.


Tip No.2: Correct Speed Mode

Each scooter generally offers a different riding experience and therefore it’s in your best interest to read the manual before you get out there. It may include different speed modes so it’s best to check to allow yourself the opportunity to go at the fastest possible legal speed. You may also want to check the location you are riding in as the incline can be contributing to the speed your scooter is riding at. Each scooter will generally say what incline level it can ride at.

Tip No.3: Reduce the Weight

The more weight you carry, the more difficult it will be for your scooter to reach a max speed. Typically, it will also drain your battery quicker as your motor is being forced to work harder to move you. While it may be handy to ride home with groceries and a work bag, remember the impact it is having on the performance of your ride.

Safety Warning: Do not get rid of your helmet or safety equipment to go quicker, it won’t impact the speed that much and it will put yourself at serious risk of injuring yourself.

Tip No.4: Clean the Wheels

It’s always best to regularly inspect the condition that your wheels are in. You could potentially have something stuck to them which could be hitting the rear fender. This could create a bumpy riding experience as well as reduce the speed your scooter is going at.

Tip No.5 Body Positioning Tricks

  • Keep your back straight and your body relaxed to ensure you don’t feel as tired during the duration of your journey.
  • Position your front foot pointing forward and diagonal while your back foot points to the side to allow better control of your scooter.
  • Use your feet to transfer some of your weight and shift your centre of gravity in the direction you want to turn
  • Bend your knees slightly when riding over bumps or such to act as a secondary suspension system
  • Lean forward when you are accelerating and climbing as you transfer your centre of gravity to where the scooter is going
  • Lean back during braking and when you are travelling downhill as it slows you down and prevents you from tipping over




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