Surron Australia the company was created to bring electric dirt bikes to the Australian market.

The Surron company has developed a unique hybrid vehicle, a work of art with craftsmanship from a cross-over mindset. The Light Bee is a fusion of downhill mountain bike, off-road motorcycle and electric e-bike. It is designed to be a unique product in the market, lightweight, powerful, easy to use, fun and free to customise.

Its lightweight frame and mid drive design gives it perfect balance, and is very comfortable hitting the Aussie off-road. The 6000 tons press forged aluminium frame is pure beauty, it is both lightweight at 7.8kg and high in strength. Purposeful design packaging and use of quality components assure durability and reliability.

Performance wise the instant torque, agile handling in a 50kg package makes this bike non-stop fun wherever you take it. The adjustable suspension allows the user to dial it in to suit the environment or riding style, and with a wide range of available customisation, this allows the owner to tailor the product even further.