Notice to Customers about Official Products and Resellers

Panmi and Segway-Ninebot wish to warn customers of websites, “” and “Segway Australia” that purports to sell Segway branded products. This website is not and has never been an authorised reseller of Segway products and has no affiliation with Segway or Panmi.

We have received reports that customers placing orders on the website have been charged but have received no products and have been unable to contact the seller.

The best way to buy Segway products is via our authorised resellers. A list of authorised resellers can be found here.

Buying from an authorised reseller means that you can have the peace of mind knowing that the products you are buying are genuine Segway products and that you are covered by Panmi’s 12-month product warranty. Warranty information here.

Benefits of buying from an authorised reseller:

  1. We are always here for you 😊
  2. Products have been tested for the Australia market
  3. Products are certificated and compliant with Australian standards
  4. Power supply (adaptor, charger, plug) is genuine Australia version, no more EU, US plugs
  5. 100% compliant with ACCC
  6. All content and features of the products are localised to English version