Electric Bike Care: Tips to keep your E-Bike running like new

Electric Bikes are the next step in the evolution of mobility. Electric bikes have an electric motor that provides you that much needed power to assist you in charging up that hill or at the end of a long ride. Here are some tips to show you how to care for your E-Bike as we know it’s difficult to maintain and keep it in top condition for the best ride.



When cleaning your frame, you’ll need to follow a few steps. Remove the battery and display if possible and cover anything that requires an electrical connection with a towel to keep them dry. Gently rinse down the frame, making sure you don’t use a high-pressure hose as you could damage the electrical parts. Use a cloth to scrub down the frame and rinse with water then dry it. This is important as it’ll prevent your bike from rusting up. Once you have cleaned it, wait a few hours before reattaching the parts to ensure the bike is completely dry.

Chain and Gears

Due to the extra weight from the motor, it’s always best you check your brakes and gears before you ride as E-Bikes are generally heavier than normal bikes. When cleaning your chain and gears, use a bicycle degreaser with a thin brush to remove any excess products stuck in the gears. Apply a bike lubricant to the chain and turn your pedals backwards.











Nuts and Bolts

Due to the constant bumping and movement on the bike, it’s natural that the nuts and bolts will loosen over time. It’s best to check your pedals, cranks, axels and handlebars to make sure they are tight. If they are loose, take an Allen key or spanner to tighten any loose nuts or bolts.


Having pumped up tyres will prevent punctures and help you get more range from your battery. If your tyres are underinflated, they can reduce the lifespan of your battery by more than 40%. Use a pump with a pressure gauge to get them back in the range recommended by the manufacturer.


Before you go for a ride, we recommend that you clean any dirt from your brake pads and always test them before you begin your ride.


If you spot a damaged cable, it’s best to take it in for professional repair.


It’s best to leave any tampering with your motor to the professionals. It’s dangerous and can potentially void your warranty if you damage it further. If you are having issues with it, try removing the battery and putting it back in to reset the motor.


Before going on a ride, make sure to undertake a few checks to ensure your bike is in a condition to ride. Your battery should be fully charged and make sure the cables have no issues and are properly connected. This is important due to the role they play in carrying the data for your bike. If there is an issue, they can cause an error. If you have decided to add an external battery to your bike, make sure it is correctly attached.

If your bike has an electrical fault, make sure you don’t disassemble to try fix the issue yourself. You will either void the warranty, cause more damage or give yourself a bad electrical shock.


Once you finish a ride, make sure you charge the battery. Don’t wait until it gets low or empty and make sure it is kept dry and out of sunlight. This is important in maintaining the life of the battery. When cycling, try to use the lowest assistance level on your ride as it’ll extend the range you can go out. If you aren’t using the bike for a long time, it’s best to remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place. You want to make sure you top the charge up every month, so it doesn’t go flat. Lastly, make sure you never take the battery apart as you could put yourself at risk.

Final Tips

The best way to get the most out of your E-Bike is to know your route before you depart on your journey. Always ensure your battery is charged to the max to get the best performance from it. Think about the mode you are in. You will get the best life out of your battery in the low power mode. You won’t go as fast, but you’ll get better range and it’ll motivate you to work harder while riding!


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