Panmi Influencer Agreement

Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct forms part of  the Influencer Agreement to which this Code of Conduct is attached (the “Agreement”). All capitalised terms used in this Code of Conduct but not defined herein have the same meanings ascribed to them in the Agreement.


  1. Do not include any Third-Party IP (including trademarks, logos, pictures, video footage, music, etc.) that you do not have permission to use. Please take care to arrange your environment to avoid inclusion of unlicensed content before filming, recording or photographing.
    1. Background: If removal of Third-Party IP in the background is impossible, the Third-Party IP must be merely part of the background, and no undue focus should be put on such IP. Use of a brand that is easy to recognise should be fleeting and obscured or made unrecognizable. The focus should be on the Company’s product.
    2. Non-Competitive Products: If use of the Third-Party IP is necessary to demonstrate the Company’s product, the Third-Party IP should not be highlighted. This is particularly important where the third-party company is complementary to the Company or its products/services.
    3. Competitive Products: Obtain written approval from the Company before including any product, logo, trademark or name of any competitor of the Company.
  2. You must obtain written permission from people appearing in your content.
  3. The commercial nature of your relationship with the Company should be clear. You must include a statement at the beginning of any content and at the beginning of any descriptions that says the Company has paid for or sponsored the content and/or you received an item for free. Verbal disclosures must appear at the start of the audio/video and be read in a normal cadence (e., slow enough for the audience to understand what has just been said). Visual disclosures must be readable (i.e., pay attention to font size and color and the statement must be on the screen long enough to read). The description statement must be visible and available without clicking or scrolling down, and the statement must travel with any links to the video when reposted on social media or elsewhere.

Sample disclosures:

Relationship with the Company

Example Disclosure Statement

Influencer received product for free

•        Panmi sent me this for free

The Company provided general compensation to Influencer

•        Panmi provides general support for my work

•        John DOE is compensated by Panmi for participation in Mi Phone Giveaway Promotion.

The Company provided compensation to Influencer for a specific post

•        Sponsored by Panmi

•        #Sponsored

•        I was compensated for this post

The Company wrote or provided part of the content of Influencer’s post


•        Advertisement

•        #Ad

•        I wrote this in conjunction with Panmi and was compensated


  1. Do not imply or suggest that a third-party is affiliated with, sponsors or endorses the Company’s products/services.
  2. Do not make claims about capabilities or specifications (including performance metrics) of the Company’s products in your videos that are not approved by the Company in writing. Other statements about the Company’s products should reflect your honest views and experiences. You may offer personal opinions, experiences or comparisons, but do not disparage or make unsupported remarks about the Company’s products or third-party products. Please notify the Company if your opinion of any Company product changes from what you have expressed to the Company to date.
  3. Make sure you have permission from the location owner where you are filming, recording or photographing. If you are filming, recording or photographing at an event, this may involve more than one approval. For example, at a trade show or competition, you will need to confirm that the sponsor or party hosting the event, as well as the stadium/venue where the event takes place, permit videotaping, recording or photography for commercial purposes. If you are filming on location in a public setting, this may involve an approval from the city or other relevant government institution. You will need to confirm that they permit commercialization of the photos or video taken, not just personal use.
  4. Do not post any content that may reasonably be construed as offensive, political, controversial, or which may otherwise prejudice the Company’s commercial interests.


Remember that these are only guidelines. The context of use is key. If you have doubts or questions about the inclusion of any material, please contact Panmi Pty Ltd by email or telephone.