Mi Body Composition Scale 2

The Mi Body Composition Scale 2 comes with a series of complex algorithms and advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to accurately monitor your health.

From $59.95

The Mi Body Composition Scale 2 can interpret the intelligent switching of dynamic and static weighing modes which can be as low as 100g. In addition to weighing in dynamic mode, You can also measure the weight of vegetables, fruits, parcels, and other items in static mode. All your health data in one place on the Mi Fit App. In addition to body weight, the Mi Body Composition Scale 2 provides accurate body composition statistics that gives you a realistic picture of your health and fitness. It features a personal planner that keeps track of your progress. The Mi Fit App keeps track of different characteristics of your composition like body weight, fat percentage, body water percentage and more to provide you with a complete training programme. It can store up to 16 user profiles.

Weight Range
Catties, kilogram, pounds (switchable)
Bluetooth 5.0
4x AAA batteries
Battery Life
8 months
300mm x 300mm x 25mm
Operating Ambient Temperature
0 - 40°c
Tempered glass + ABS
Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 2.5 cm
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