The Rise of E-bikes and Which One To Choose

Electronic bikes are rapidly on the rise. E-bikes are a fun new mode of transport and are highly popular. E-bikes are a greener choice causing less greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring the future of our world. They are sustainable, convenient, low maintenance, cost-efficient and user friendly. The government has been creating more bike tracks in Australia therefore ensuring more safe places for people to ride their e-bikes.

Which Himo E-bike should I buy?

With different options on the market factors such as weight, size and distance are important factors to consider when purchasing an e-bike. You need to evaluate what is your top priority for travelling by e-bike to make the decision which one to purchase.

 Here is a side-by-side comparison of Himo’s electric bikes in 2020:

There are so many advantages of purchasing an e-bike. Here are more details on all three e-bikes to help you make the most calculated decision when purchasing.

Himo H1

The H1 is best for people who want a stylish bike to ride around their local area. This bike has a unique design and is a versatile bike that folds into an A3 making it compact, lightweight, and easy to take anywhere. The H1 comes in the colours yellow and grey.



Himo Z20

The Himo Z20 allows you to get to destinations quickly with a great range of 80km. This e-bike is easily foldable making it convenient to carry onto public transport. It folds in three places and takes only 10 seconds to fold and unfold. The Z20 has a sleek design as well as being lightweight and durable for the best possible riding efficiency, mobility, and protection. The Z20 comes in the colours grey and white.



Himo C26

The C26 is best for those who want a luxurious e-bike that can travel further with an 80km range ensuring longer commutes are possible. This e-bike is durable and aesthetically pleasing. It features an inflator pump so you can be sure your tires are always pumped and ready. The charging time of this e-bike is a quick 5-6 hours.




Deciding on the best e-bike is a difficult process with such a variety of options. Hopefully, this compilation of e-bikes gives you all the information you need to make the best decision when purchasing an e-bike.
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Products Mentioned:

Himo Z20

Himo C26

Himo H1


 About HIMO

Shanghai HIMO Electric Technology specialises in the research, development, and production of two-wheeled electric vehicles. They strive to provide the best comprehensive digital solutions for green, urban mobility. Their aim is to give people a smart and convenient way of getting around, all while having more fun.

With a rise in consumer’s needs, HIMO has been at the forefront of leading the vast tech and digital solutions that are allowing us to create limitless opportunities. Himo is committed to setting the trend in smart, eco-friendly vehicles, and to be the leading brand in the two-wheeler vehicle industry.


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Panmi is the sole promotional and business development partner of Xiaomi in Australia. Panmi’s vision is to bring new and exciting technology with uncompromising quality and performance to Australian consumers, helping Australians to enjoy advanced technology in their daily lives.

As the exclusive official distributor of Xiaomi in Australia, Panmi is dedicated to introducing Xiaomi & its eco-partner’s new generation of “smart” products into Australia. Major products include Smart Home, Smartphone, Smart sports (electronic bike, electronic scooter, fitness tracker) and many more.

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