Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar

The Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar reduced eye fatigue.

From $99.95

The Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar has an asymmetrical optical design and no screen glare. It saves desk space and no screen blocks. You can adjust the brightness and color temperature. It features wireless remote control and has magnetic mounting and 25-degree rotation.

Luminous Flux
4K (3840*2160)
Color temperature
Rated Input
Operating Temperature
Light Dimensions
φ23 x 448mm
Service Life
Approx.25000 hours
Remoter Dimensions
φ23 x 448mm
Wireless Connectivity
2.4 GHz
Operating Frequency
2412-2472 MHz (Wi Fi) 2402-2480 MHz (BT)
Package Contents
Light bar, base, Type C charging cable, remote control, user manual, warranty notice
Rated Power
5 W 8080×0. 2 W/LED Model)
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