Mi Cordless Screwdriver

The Mi Electric Screwdriver Gun is an electric screwdriver that rotates at 200 rpm.

From $59.95

The product is made in classic black color from environmentally friendly and safe material. The screwdriver is characterised by a stylish minimalistic design. The device is suitable for both professional and home use. To operate an electric screwdriver, you do not need to have any special skills. It is simple and easy to use. The battery capacity is 2000 mAh.
The device is fully charges in just 2 hours. Type of charging connector: Type-C. Battery voltage: 3.6 V. It is equipped with 3 ring Shadow LED, it automatically lights up when the start button is pressed.

Net weight 
Screwdriver dimensions
124×130.5×42 mm
Rod dimensions
60x 10 x 10 mm
Bits material
S2 steel
Bits size
 PH1 / PH2 / PH3 / H3 / H4 / H5
SL4 / SL6 / PZ2 / T15 / T20 / T25

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