Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2

The Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2 has a 360-degree rotation to keep you company at night.

From $34.95

The Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2 is created with a minimalist design, which will allow you to have spectacular light in all situations. It also allows you to place your lamp anywhere, being able to adjust it in 360º rotation, illuminating any space that you decide. It has a double brightness level with a low level suitable for use at night and a high brightness level suitable for more powerful lighting. The Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2 is equipped with an infrared sensor and a light sensor.

Motion-Activated Night Light
Infrared sensor and light sensor
Light source
Color temperature
2800 K
Warm White
angle 120º
Delay Time
Operating temperature
-10ºC to 40ºC
Battery type
3 AAA batteries (not included)
Rated power
0.34 W
Input voltage
DC 4.5V
8 x 6.2 cm
Dimensions 8 × 6.2 cm

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