Segway-Ninebot GT2

The GT2 combines performance with reliability and sustainability, helping riders tackle their commutes in comfort and style.

From $6,499.00

As the supercars of KickScooters, the GT2 achieves a top speed of 70 kph –the fastest in Segway’s product family. Like supercars’ turbocharged engines, the GT-series’ electric motors boast an impressive acceleration. The GT2 reaches 48 kph from zero in 3.9 seconds. To reach all these data, GT2 establishes 2 hub motors (6KW max power and reaching 88 Nm peak torque).


L x W x H

1485 x 656 x 1308mm

Net Weight


Max Speed

60 km/h

Charging Time

6 – 12 hours

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