Unagi Scooter Model One E500

Unagi Scooter Model One E500 is a ultra powerful electric scooter.

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The magnesium alloy handlebar is a feat of structural engineering that required more than thirty prototypes to perfect. Press one button and the Unagi patented stainless steel hinge system folds and locks in one smooth, satisfying click. The E500 has a dedicated 250 watt motor in each wheel, supplying 500 watts and 32 newton meters of torque so you can easily tackle hills with up to 15 degree inclines. One gentle push on the ergonomically optimized lever and the dual electronic anti-lock brakes bring you to a safe, steady stop. Select your speed—beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Scooter (before folding)
L-96cm (37.8 in) x W-42cm (16.54 in) x H-110mm (43.31 in)
Scooter (after folding)
L-96cm (37.8 in) x W-42cm (16.54 in) x H-38mm (14.96 in)
45cm (17.72 in) x W-19cm (7.48in) x H-108mm (45.52 in)


Basic Specs
Aluminum + Carbon Fiber
Motor size
5.0 in
Tire size
7.5 in


Incline rate
15 degrees
Suggested use
Cement, tarmac, no more than 0.78 in stairs; No more than 0.78 in bumps
Chassis height
8.3cm (3.27 in)
Water resistent level


9000mah lithium ion
Single battery
Battery capacity
Charge  power
Charge input voltage
Battery charging limit Voltage
Charging Time
4-5 hours
Intelligent battery management system
Temperature abnormality/ short circuit/ under voltage automatic sleep/ over current/ over charge/ over discharge protection


1.8W high brightness LED headlights


2.0 m
Maximium weight
124 kg


Moter Specs
Riding modes
Eco 14-18km/h; Std 18-21km/h; Pro 24-25km/h
Dual 250W motors
Maximum torque
Instant maximum power
Motor control mode
Sinusoidal Pluse Width Modulation (SPWM)


Braking distance
Dry Road about 4m
Braking method
Electronic brake E-ABS
Tire Material
Maintenance-free rubber tire


By Trevor Long | May 31, 2021

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You’re in lockdown, bored, and want fresh air? Go ride an Unagi E500 electric scooter

By Chris Rowland | 19 July, 2021

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Q: Can I take my Unagi on an airplane?
A: You cannot take an Unagi scooter on a flight due to the size of the battery. This applies to most electric
scooters unless the battery size is less than 160Wh. Potentially you could double-check with your carrier and
local laws. The most important question you will be asked is what is your battery size.

Q:Is there a fail-safe way for me not to over-charge it? what happens if I do?
A: You cannot overcharge our scooters, that’s handled by the charger which turns off when full.

Q:How long and wide is the deck?
A: Our deck is 48.26cm x 12.7cm.

Q:How long should my tires last?
A: Your tires should last for at least a year of reasonable use which is about 650-950km.

Q:Can I park my scooter outside in the rain?
A: To answer your question, while the scooter is indeed splash-proof* we do not recommend parking it outside
in the rain! Having a scooter will ignite your wanderlust! We advise that in order to prolong the life of your
scooter, make sure to store it or park it in a safe place away from long exposure to the elements. Keep it safe
and dry!
*Denotes protection against splashing water. Not protected from long-term exposure, e.g. leaving out in the rain.

Q:Is there a fail-safe way for me not to over-charge it? what happens if I do?
A: You cannot overcharge our scooters, that’s handled by the charger which turns off when full.

Q:How Do I Maximize My Battery Life?
A: Under optimal riding conditions – riding at a steady speed (no braking or accelerating) on a flat surface with a
70kg rider, our scooters consistently deliver 20 to 25 miles per charge.
The best way to extend your battery life is to minimize heavy braking and acceleration. Plan ahead, and be
aware of your riding environment. Slow down early by easing off the throttle, rather than hitting the brakes late,
and accelerate gently rather than jamming on the power all the way.
To increase the longevity of the battery, you should keep your scooter’s lithium battery at a 40% charge state
at a minimum. It’s best to fully charge the battery before using your scooter again and it’s harmful to fully
discharge lithium-ion batteries prior to storing them. The best battery manufacturers store lithium batteries at
around 61 degrees C and at a 40% charge level, so we would recommend the same.

Q:Can I ride on wet roads?
A: Our scooters have an IP-54 rating which makes it splash-proof*. You won’t have issues riding on damp
streets, but we strongly discourage riding in the rain and through puddles for safety reasons because it can be
difficult to tell how deep the puddle is. An unexpectedly large pothole hidden by a puddle can cause the rider to
Consistently exposing your scooter to water by riding through numerous puddles and in the rain is beyond the
protection of our IP54 rating and will not be covered under warranty.

Q:Can I ride tandem with a friend?
A: It is unsafe to ride with a friend on the same scooter. Although the E500 dual motor model can accommodate
up to 100kg, riding with two people on a single scooter presents safety hazards that prohibit us from
recommending doing so.

Q:Can the kick-to-start mode be disabled?
A: No, this is part of the scooter – no matter how of an advanced scooter rider you are! It’s a safety feature to
ensure that if you accidentally hit the throttle, your scooter isn’t going to zoom away without you.

Q:Do I need to wear a helmet, and is my scooter legal where I live?
A: We always recommend wearing a helmet and in most states wearing one is mandated by law. Each state and
territory in Australia has a different set of rules and regulations pertaining to the usage of e-scooters, including
where e-scooters can legally be used and whether these products need to be registered with the relevant road
traffic authority. Any user of this product must ensure that that they check and abide by their local by-laws and
use responsibly. Ride with caution and always wear a helmet and protective gear when riding your e-scooter.
Your safety should come first!

Q:Help I can’t get my handlebar onto my scooter!
A: Kindly try the following:
Pre-thread the screws into the bars and shaft. Occasionally there might be a bit of debris leftover from
manufacturing in the way for assembly. Put in the screws in this order: top front screw, top back screw, bottom
front screw, bottom back screw.

Q:My scooter is stuck upright and won’t fold! How can I fix it?
A: On occasion your one click folding mechanism may get stuck, but don’t worry this is a quick and easy fix! You
just need to alleviate some of the tension from the stem on the folding mech – it needs to be tight so the stem
doesn’t wiggle when you ride.
While still pushing down on both sides of the folding mech simply smack the stem forward (just beneath the
handlebars/display) and your scooter will fold right away.

Q:How can I lock my Unagi?
A: You can lock your Unagi with a bike cable lock
looped multiple times aorund the UNAGI or any U-lock
with a 10cm X 15cm internal diameter, but we do
not recommend leaving your Unagi unattended. The
Model One is so light and compact, you shouldn’t have
much trouble carrying it into your favorite restaurants
or stores. Take advantage of our one-click folding
mechanism, and keep your Unagi by your side!

Q:My scooter isn’t going as fast as it should, what’s wrong?
A: Make sure your scooter is fully charged; you’ll want to charge it 4-5 hours. Check that the speed setting has
been changed by pressing the Riding Mode and checking the speed setting on the display. The first setting
goes to 18km/h, second goes to 21km/h, and the third goes to 25km/h. Test your scooter on a flat surface to
determine it’s true speed.

Q:What terrain can I ride the Unagi on?
A: You can ride it on hard-packed dirt and short dense grass. The Model One is not an offroad vehicle; it’s an
ultra-light urban freedom creator.

Q:What’s the max rider weight your scooter can support?
A: 124kg is the recommended top weight for the E500 Dual motor scooters.

Q:Is there a fail-safe way for me not to over-charge it? what happens if I do?
A: You cannot overcharge our scooters, that’s handled by the charger which turns off when full.

Q:Is there a fail-safe way for me not to over-charge it? what happens if I do?
A: You cannot overcharge our scooters, that’s handled by the charger which turns off when full.

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