Xiaomi 67W Car Charger (USB-A + Type-C)

Xiaomi 67W Car Charger (USB-A + Type-C) let you charge your devices in the car.

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The Xiaomi 67W Car Charger (USB-A + Type-C) Type-C port is for individual use. It supports  67W MAX super-fast flash charge  for Xiaomi 12 with the Type-C to  Type-C 6A cable included in the  package. The USB-A and Type-C dual-port can charge two devices simultaneously. Ring LED power indicator for  convenient use in night scenarios.Different charging powers  display different colours.When  the Car Charger is installed on  the cigarette lighter and power  port alone, the indicator shows  white. When a Type-C port is  used to charge smart devices  alone, the indicator shows blue in  the medium charging power and  gold in the high charging power. The high-quality master control chip can effectively improve charging efficiency. Multiple circuit protection for overcurrent,  overheat, over voltage, and short-circuit ensures enhanced  safety for users of car charging. The Type-C port supports 20V  output, which can be used to  charge the laptop.

Xiaomi 67W Car Charger(USB-A + Type-C)
Output Port
Single-port Output
220-240V(USB-A)5V---2 A Max9V-2 A Max(Type-C)11V---6.1A Max20 V --- 2.5 A Max
Dual-port Output
(Both ports used simultaneously) 55 W Max.
Operating Temperature
0 °C to 30 °C
ltem Dimensions
75.13x33.29x33.29 mm
CCO7ZMInput: 12 V -- 7.5 A
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