Himo C30R

The HIMO C30 brings the ergonomics, performance, and more efficient riding style of a hybrid bike frame to the e-bike scene.

From $3,499.00

It features an aluminum alloy frame with Tektro front and rear disc brakes. It can go up to 80km with a max speed of 25km/h. There are 9 different speeds.



Grey, Silver


What height is this bike suitable for people to ride?
The recommended height is 165cm-190cm.
Does it need to be assembled after receiving the bike?
After the bike is unboxed, You only need to start the pedal part of the installation. According
to the user’s height and operating habits you will need to adjust the handlebar angle.
About cycling patterns
The C30 is an electric power assisted bicycle. It has no pure electric function. There are
6 power gear levels (0-5). No power output in gear 0. The power is from low to high in gear
1-5 (the higher the gear, the stronger the power, the higher the power consumption, the
easier the riding, and vice versa).
Can I start the bike while charging it?
Do not start the bike while charging. Otherwise, it is easy to cause damage to the charger.
What is the power supply for the taillight? Why doesn’t it light up after a period of time?
The taillights are independently powered. Under normal temperature conditions, reasonable
use for 5-6 months.
When the power is low. Please replace the battery in time. The battery model is No.7 battery.
After the bike has been used for a period of time, why can it appear the braking is not the same?
The brake pads become worn down. The thickness of the brake pads changes, resulting in
changes in the brake sensitivity.
How to adjust the disc brake?
Turn the black knob on the left side of the brake and the right adjustment screw can be
respectively adjusted on both sides of the brake pad and the gap between the disc
(the smaller the gap, the better the brake effect).
Precautions before riding
1. Check whether the power supply circuit and lighting are good before riding;
2. Check whether the reflector is damaged before riding;
3. Before riding, check whether the safety buckle of each part of the bike is tight and whether
the insurance shaft is properly operated to avoid accidents;
4. Before riding, check whether the braking system of the bike is in good condition.
5. Before riding, check whether the tire pressure is sufficient to avoid affecting the mileage and cycling experience of the vehicle.

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