Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4

The Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 lets you enjoy purified air in your home.

From $299.95

The High-efficiency Filter 99.97% filtration efficiency for fine particles (0.3 micron). Smart Control Voice command with Google assistant and Alexa. OLED Touch Screen Air quality index displayed in real time. Quiet Operation Low noise 32.1dB in night mode so your sleep is undisturbed. It is suitable for 48㎡ room and features a filter replacer reminder.

CADR (Particles)
400 m³/h
CADR (Formaldehyde)
150 m³/h
Area efficiency
130m² per hour
Purification efficiency
99.97 %
Filter Lifetime
6~12 months
Noise levels
Rated Voltage
Rated Frequency
Rated Power
Net Weight
approx. 5.6 kg
Gross Weight
approx. 7 kg
250 * 250 * 555 mm
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